Skyward Bound Plumage Diamond Ring
Put on these feathers of metal and sparkling stones. Time to fly.
Skyward Bound Flyaway Diamond Ring
Not daydreaming, but soaring on strong dazzling wings. That's Flyaway.
Skyward Bound Humming Bird Diamond Ring
Buzzing with shimmering brilliance let this little beauty hover around your finger.
Skyward Bound Trailblazer Diamond Ring
The train of a peacock finds resonance in this ring. Dance when dark clouds gather.
Skyward Bound Bouyant Diamond Ring
Feathers moulded from Rose Gold and Diamonds. Keep you up in the air.
Skyward Bound Hawk Diamond Ring
The sun flashes on these glorious wings, as you spot your target and dive in for the kill.
Skyward Bound Flutter Diamond Ring
The thrill of success can be experienced as a flutter of Diamonds and Rose Gold.
Skyward Bound Ambition Diamond Ring
Shiny wings that given a chance, can soar high.
Skyward Bound Goldfinch Diamond Ring
Perched prettily on your finger, these Diamonds will sing songs of your ambition.
Lady Earth Sprig Diamond Ring
This Diamond-encrusted ring speaks eloquently of your fine tastes.
Lady Earth Laurel Diamond Ring
Leaf and flower intertwine as Diamond and Gold to applaud the feminine around you.
Freeflowing Raindrops Diamond Ring
The rhythm of the falling rain has been captured in Diamonds.
Freeflowing Swirl Diamond Ring
A stream of Diamonds going round a bend, send off a splatter of larger Diamonds.
Freeflowing Drizzle Diamond Ring
Diamonds fall gently from this ring.
Regalia Excalibur Diamond Ring
The finger that makes the rules, wears this confident piece of jewellery.
Regalia Exquisite Diamond Ring
Hear the hush take over the room, when you walk in flaunting this exquisite heirloom.
Regalia Dynast Diamond Ring
A ring that heralds your royal lineage, without making a noise.
Scatter Waltz Tumble Diamond Ring
Diamonds framed in Golden drops seem to be frozen in mid-tumble.
Scatter Waltz Disarray Diamond Ring
Will they swing this way or that? These Diamonds will always keep the world guessing.
Freeflowing Cloudburst Diamond Ring
A cloud of Diamonds lets loose a rain of light. This raincloud is all silver lining.
Starring You Basket Diamond Ring
A Daliesque interpretation of a rose, this ring plays supporting cast to you.
Starring You Incognito Diamond Ring
Your fan club now has an emblem. This ring. It's interplay of Diamond and Gold will make it difficult to travel incognito.
Starring You Drama Diamond Ring
A theatrical production in Diamonds and Gold, this piece always plays to a full house.
Starring You Awestruck Diamond Ring
Your persona finds shape in Diamond, Gold and intricate craftsmanship, in this one piece of awe-inspiring jewellery.