Coral Diamond Pendant*
Dipped in waters, this pendant reminds us of the Diamond studded zodiac sign of Cancer. A water sign, this design creates the illusion of infinite beginnings, just like water. Borrowed from the depth of the oceans, this pendant was named...
Callisto Diamond Pendant*
The third largest moon in the Universe, Callisto seems like a bright shining radiant star in the night sky. Callisto reminds us of humble radiance and glamour unlike others. This pendant, a constellation connecting Callisto like celestial elements have a...
Miranda Diamond Pendant*
One of the five moons of Uranus, Miranda is a bright, glorious white moon that shines like a star in the sky. Shining along with the thousands of stars nearby, this moon reminds us of our celestial twinkling friends and...
Astrid Diamond Pendant*
Astrid, a celestial Goddess, reminds the wearer of her Godly strengths, an empowering number of stars on her neck, she loves to flaunt her inner radiance. Diamonds and Gold glitter, she is named after her muse.
Andromeda Diamond Pendant*
A Green mythological princess, Andromeda was the 'ruler of all men'. An entire galaxy of stars is named after her. This perfect constellation is a reminder of the stars in Andromeda.
Stellar Diamond Pendant*
A close contellation, with stars in an unconventional and unusual hoop. The string that attaches them is uniquely enchanting, as if mirrored but not quite. This pendant is named Stellar, relating to stars.
Moselle Diamond Pendant*
A star made from scintillating magical waters reflect the Zodiac, Cancer, in it's true sense. The simplicity of this diamond pendant mirrors it's muse. As the name defines, Cancer is a water sunsign, born in stars but bonded with water....
Loire Diamond Pendant*
Stoned in stars, this beautiful rendition of XXXX constellation somehow reminds us of it's sparkly reflection on unstill waters. Diamonds ricochet the light of a thousand rays, with the extra glisten of Gold. This gorgeous piece is named after the...
Calytrix Diamond Pendant*
Mirroring the zodiacs, this set of sparkling star like Diamonds are the essence of the glitter in you. Embracing the wearer's true spirits, this is the perfect gift for those born under Sagittarius. This beautiful Diamond constellation is named after...
Danica Diamond Pendant*
Born out of stars, this set of Diamonds arranged to fit constellations, is a luminescent reminder of our twinkling friends in sky. Danica means the Morning Star, a shining nudge towards the first rays of light in our lives.
Shimmer Diamond Pendant*
A cluster of Diamonds, put together in a string of hidden meanings, just like a constellation. It shimmers and shines on the wearer's neck as if on fire a million light years away.
Ora Diamond Pendant*
Admist the galaxies of celestial bodies find your special star shinning just for you with our Aura pendant
Scorpio Diamond Pendant
This 10kt diamond pendant sparks off an edgy glint to Scorpio's high-intensity style quotient.
Pisces Diamond Pendant
"Dreamy and delightful, this 10kt diamond pendant finds its soulmate in the luminescent Piscean woman. "
Aquarius Diamond Pendant
As an Aquarian, you like to do things your own way. This 10kt diamond pendant is just what you need to glam up your distinct, individual style.
Leo Diamond Pendant
This 10kt diamond pendant is the ultimate compliment to the dazzle and drama of its Leo owner.
Libra Diamond Pendant
Venus's child Libra favours all that glistens and shines, making this 10kt diamond pendant your perfect partner for life.
Virgo Diamond Pendant
Perfection and Virgo go hand in hand, and this 10kt diamond pendant is flawless to a fault.
Taurus Diamond Pendant
Mirroring a Taurean's love for beauty, this 10kt diamond pendant is a timeless treasure.
Capricorn Diamond Pendant
A classic design will always melt a Capricorn heart. This 10kt diamond pendant will find favour and bring you everlasting joy.
Sagittarius Diamond Pendant
The ease and elegance with which this piece comes together, both captivates and liberates.
Aries Diamond Pendant
The ease and elegance with which this piece comes together, both captivates and liberates.
Gemini Diamond Pendant
The ease and elegance with which this piece comes together, both captivates and liberates.