Shine Bright Diamond Earrings
Abstract Diamonds held together for a unique and striking pair of earrings that will always be noticed.
Soltera Diamond Earrings
Solitaires held in an embrace, ideal for effortless, understated elegance.
Graziella Diamond Necklace
A dainty string of Diamonds sit in pure Gold, as a symbol of class, elegance and grace. She who wears it is known for her poise and finesse. This beautiful necklace is called Graziella, meaning 'kind and gracious'. Metal Type...
Aura Diamond Ring
The Aura ring's, sparked with perfect Diamonds, strikes a chord in the heart of a modern, savvy woman.
Audette Diamond Earrings
Imagine a bird photographed mid-flight, as her wings are yet to open up completely and her head is diving forward. Such is the inspiration behind this magnificent design. The Audette earrings are made with White Gold, and gilded with precious...
Strika Diamond Earrings
The eternal fascination with Diamonds finds fresh resonance in this set.
Eclat Diamond Earrings
Bursting with sparkle and dynamic energy, our Eclat earrings are cute and captivating in equal measure.
Orbit Diamond Ring
The Orbit Ring is a dramatic solitaire surrounded by a filigree of fabulous Diamonds that creates a mesmerizing piece of fine jewellery.
Fiores Diamond Earrings
Inspired by nature's prettiest creation, these flower-shaped earrings define beauty and grace.
Orbit Essential Diamond Earrings
These timeless orbit studs, settle on your ears shining bright.
Harper Diamond Pendant
As pure and perfect as a Harp's music to one's ear, this pendant has been crafted with utmost love and skill. Tiny little pieces of Diamonds and Gold are meticulously placed in concentric shapes that remind you of harmony. Metal...
Nora Ida Diamond Pendant
Hoops within hoops, this design strikes a chord with our artists. Hoops are a symbol of strength and honesty, and when studded with fine Gold and Diamonds, they resemble the soul of a beautiful woman. Nora Ida is a name...
Charmain Diamond Pendant
Imagine a crisp, warm Spring day when a tiny branch of leaves falls on you, a little joy brought to you by nature. Dainty little leaves, glistening with dewy Diamonds strung on Gold. This petite little pendant reminds us of...
Isabella Diamond Pendant
This unique pendant is a masterpiece with hoops strung together, studded with Diamonds and White Gold. True to its name, Isabella, this fabulous creation will sit atop your heart, symbolizing the transcendent allure of your beauty and charm. Metal Type...
Ambrosia Diamond Pendant
The endless interloop of infinity is a symbol of the immortals, of those who will live on forever, whether in name or memory. Studded with everlasting Diamonds on White Gold, this gorgeous piece of jewelry is a reminder of undying...
Ezili Diamond Ring
Waves of stunning white waters crash onto each other. Intertwining gushes of White Gold and strings of Diamonds, this ornate ring is meant for the warrior, a Goddess of waves and the sea, just like its namesake, Ezili. Metal Type...
Thyra Diamond Ring
Fierce, dazzling and passionate, Diamonds have a resilience like no other. Placed in a neat straight ring, this White Gold jewel is of precious value. Named after the Goddess of Thunder from the Norse mythology, the one who wears the...
Daleyza Diamond Pendant
With a hypnotic shimmer, this gorgeous Diamond ring is sure to bring a smile to your face. A joy of holding onto something beautiful and precious is unbound. Aptly named, the ring is called Daleyza, meaning delightful. Metal Type 14K...
Serenity Diamond Earrings
A world of tranquility awaits the one who wears these, with glistening silence that speaks volumes. Diamonds studded in deep White Gold, in classic rounded squares, whispering words of peace into the ears of the wearer. True to its name,...
Kimberley Diamond Earrings
The South African city, 'Kimberley', is known for its Diamond abundance and is the namesake for these gorgeous pair of earrings. With a name that resonates with royal and majestic temperament, these beautifully crafted earrings are a classic choice. Metal...
Juliette Diamond Earrings
When you say Juliette, you are instantly transferred to the dramatic, romantic tragedy of Shakespeare. And yet, the beauty of Juliette is what inspired these earrings, classy, vivacious and youthful. With Diamonds placed on Gold, these earrings are a true...
Brigitte Diamond Earrings
For a woman who wears her pride and strength on her sleeve, these magnificent earrings will resonate her vigor. The Brigitte Earrings are a house pride at Irasva, with Diamonds strung close together in an oval, dressed with an equally...
Chloe Diamond Earrings
A beautiful French name, Chloe means a young green shoot of a new plant. The delightful image of 'Chloe' mirrors the delicate design of these beautiful pair of earrings. A vine of fresh leaves, dewed with Diamonds on Gold is...
Celeste Diamond Earrings
Just like a rare snowflake, this beautiful jewelry has a unique essence of its own. A heavenly disposition, peaceful and majestic, is formed with Diamonds in White Gold into a dandelion like design. These earrings are named Celeste, meaning 'heavenly'....