Regalia Noble Diamond Earrings
The perfect accompaniment to your royal tiara.
Regalia Elevate Diamond Earrings
Diamonds gleam with a glint of vivacious dazzle. A whirlwind of regal proportions.
Starring You Halo Diamond Earrings
A halo around your ears, casting a glow as you walk past.
Starring You Drama Diamond Earrings
A theatrical production in diamonds and gold, this set always plays to a full house.
Starring You Daydreamer Diamond Earrings
An alluring arrangement of metal and stones, this ring draws the eye in.
Starring You Spellbound Diamond Earrings
A network of fine golden lines run across this piece, connecting the diamonds, leaving the gazing eye mesmerized.
Skyward Bound Feathered Diamond Earrings
Diamond encrusted wings to lift up your spirits.
Scatter Waltz Stellar Diamond Earrings
A powerful drama with diamonds essaying the role of stellar showmanship strewn together to curate a masterpiece.
One Solitude Diamond Earrings
Savour your hours of freedom and solitude in style with these exquisite earrings
One Harmony Diamond Earrings
An enchanting harmony of diamonds set in place.
One Icedrops Diamond Earrings
Icy fire emantes from this masterpiece of fine-eyed craftsmanship.
One Rhapsody Diamond Earrings
A bevy of diamonds are orchestrated into this one enchanting set.
Skyward Bound Bouyant Diamond Earrings
Light as a feather, these wings will take you to great heights.
Lady Earth Ivy Diamond Earrings*
A runner plant of diamonds and white gold, with flowers that dot its ascent.
Freeflowing Cascade Diamond Earrings
A trickle of diamonds, moving to the beat of their own whim.
Regalia Finial Diamond Earrings*
A distinctive ornament at the apex of any pillar, roof, canopy or window, Finial is an architectural name. This pair of earrings, juxtaposed in a way that reverberates openness and envelopment at the same time, are named after this architectural...
Regalia Eleanor Diamond Earrings*
Inspired from the Jalidar windows of Jaipur, Rajasthan, these earrings have a lot to tell. Of the history of the Diamonds beyond thousands of years and the stories of its muse palaces. Whispering words of beauty and poetry to the...
Regalia Fedore Diamond Earrings*
Named after Princess Beatrice Victoria Fedore of England, this pair of gorgeously crafted earrings remind us of chandeliers and ornate halls of palaces that gleamed with jewels in the ancient times. This bangle, carved with Diamonds and Gold is fit...
One Sonja Diamond Earrings*
Mirrors of wisdom shaped first like a window into self and then into a drop of the future. The mirror is enchanted with Diamond-like shine forever. These are the Sonja earrings, made for the wise dreamer.
One Roxanna Diamond Earrings*
Strings of Diamonds falling like dew drop on a plane surface, leaving droplets behind. Diamonds sit on Gold on these gorgeous earrings, with two parallel strands of starlight bouncing off the jewels.
Scatter Waltz Harp Diamond Earrings
This off-beat set of diamonds will be jazz to your ears.
Snowdrop Diamond Earrings
Our Snowdrop earrings are crafted to enhance the glamour quotient of your ensemble. From cocktail parties to a corporate soiree, these earrings can grace any occasion.
Skyward Bound Starling Diamond Earrings
Soar high, on beautiful wings fashioned from stars and gold.
Scatter Waltz Chimes Diamond Earrings
Like seeds scattered on the wind, these diamonds sway to a music all their own.