Regalia Rheannon Diamond Ring*
Ever seen a Queen's headdress? In ancient times, they were made of flowers stacked upon each other, then dipped in Gold. This ring reminds us of such tiaras, with Diamonds cocooned in Gold are placed on each other as they...
Regalia Briar Diamond Ring*
A chaotic symmetry unfolds in this beautiful ring with Diamond studded envelops stacked next to each other. A similar kind of stacking can be seen in wildflowers, chaotic yet so powerfully in order. The nature of such designs makes them...
Regalia Paisley Diamond Ring*
Unifying in design, a paisley is never set alone - it always has a mate, a partner. A twin floral shape, Paisley inspired this design of a dual ring, connected by Diamonds, separated by a beautiful pattern. This intrinsic yet...
Regalia Linden Diamond Ring*
Mirages of mirrors, identical Diamond studded shapes form this masterpiece of a ring. The twin forms of the ring set the unifying sense of togetherness and likelihood. Sisters in shape, this ring was named after a beautiful tree.
One Iris Diamond Ring*
The timeless tales of infinity shapes this ring. A thousand creative thoughts come together in one design, set with numerous Diamonds, held by pure Gold. The wearer is reminded of the infinite possibilities, opportunities around her.
One Cassia Diamond Ring*
Unending designs have always amused our artists. You start at a point but never find an end. Such designs nudge us to the circle of life, with unending tales at different points, all uniting in one form. This ring is...
One Blimah Diamond Ring*
A blossom of fresh flowers sit on the wearer's finger, twirled around it like a dainty twine of Gold with sparkling Diamonds sitting as little flowers. This Gold and Diamond ring is names Blimah, a Hebrew name for blossom.
One Ayana Diamond Ring*
Inspired by a vase of fresh flowers, the Ayana ring is a fresh and gleaming rendition of Diamonds as flowers. A lone bud of lily rises from the crystal-like vase, made with White Gold and glossy Diamonds.
One Azha Diamond Ring*
A tilted masterpiece that brings out the best of the dazzling Diamond set in centre. Set in Gold, this beautiful ring is a sparkling reminder of a unique star, one in a million, named Azha.
Regalia Eridanus Diamond Ring*
Flowing rivers have a charm unmet. They are kissed by Sun's rays through the day and mirror the moon through the night. A sparkling engaging phenomenon, flowing rivers are forever inspiration to our artists. It is named Eridanus, meaning 'river'....
Skyward bound Kimama Diamond Ring*
A little butterfly, with wings woven with precious Diamonds and made of Gold, this ring is a unique ornament, meant for the one who has wings in her heart, who wants to soar into the skies, free of any bounds....
Starring You Fame Diamond Ring*
Strike the right chord with our fame ring, a stunner with the intertwined designs sure to turn eyes wherever you wear it.