Belle Rose Bracelet with 1/8 CTTW Diamonds
14K Pink Gold Belle Rose Bracelet with 1/8 CTTW Diamonds
Caoimhe Diamond Bracelet*
In Irish and Scottish Caoimhe means beautiful. This tenderly set, intricate bracelet of White Gold, Gold and Diamonds tinker with the beautiful music of allure and connect. The colors, the twinkle and design all fall in order as if a...
Lynx Diamond Bracelet*
A tranquil set of Diamonds, bunched together with a rare deep rose one, are placed on the wrist delicately strung together in this bracelet. The light catching the Diamonds gracefully, with every little movement of the wearer's hands, is but...
Elements Cataleya Diamond Bracelet*
Emeralds and Gold are fused together in this gorgeous rendition of an intricate ornament. Cataleya, meaning blessed and pure, is rightly named as this this bangle brings out the purest and most genuine blush of the woman wearing it.
Solitary Essential Diamond Bracelet*
Stack up your bracelets including this great classic piece. Minimal yet versatile a perfect addition with all your outfits
Seraphina Diamond Bangle*
There's a certain appeal to hints of sparkle clinging to raw, pure Gold. Diamonds, set apart in a classy and ornate setting, bring about a magical allure in the viewers' eyes. This was named Seraphina, after a fiery winged Goddess,...
Licata Diamond Bangle
Gleaming and sparkling, this bangle has a delicate diamond chain with dazzling accents to highlight its beauty.
Hexagon Diamond Bangle
This intricate bangle, studded with faultless gems is ornate and breathtaking in its detail and drama.
Charisma Diamond Bangle
A glamourous bangle to accentuate your favourite ensemble perfectly, this stunning piece will is the epitome of sophistication.
Caree Diamond Bangle
Accented diamonds raise the bar of beauty on our wonderful Caree bangle. A shining bangle of solid stones, this one is a surefire winner.