Aura Diamond Ring
The Aura ring's, sparked with perfect Diamonds, strikes a chord in the heart of a modern, savvy woman.
Starring You Matinee Diamond Ring*
This ring carries the stardust of fame lightly on its petite frame.
Irasva Gift Voucher
Unsure of what to buy? Add a sparkle to every special occasion with an Irasva Gift Voucher.
Moana Diamond Bracelet*
Tidal and tumultuous, every open wave brings home a new set of gifts, of shells and sand, glittering on the beach. Moana bracelet is nature's reminder of all things bright and luminescent. Gliding and sliding on the wearer's wrist, the...
Strika Diamond Earrings
The eternal fascination with Diamonds finds fresh resonance in this set.
Regalia Aristocrat Diamond Earrings
The days you don't wear your crown and royal robes, these magnificent earrings should do good.
Orbit Diamond Ring
The Orbit Ring is a dramatic solitaire surrounded by a filigree of fabulous Diamonds that creates a mesmerizing piece of fine jewellery.
Mehrin Mangalsutra
The best of two worlds merge as this gorgeous testament to your eternal love is bound by the symbol of protection. Keeping all negative energy at bay, the diamond studded evil eye will protect your love forever.
Garvi Mangalsutra
Fine Diamonds in a versatile design dazzle at the center of this traditional string of eternal love. A luxurious touch to your everyday Mangalsutra, this will add panache and class to your subtle yet exuberant style.
One Oracle Diamond Earrings*
Windows may mean a lot of things, one of them being an opening to another perspective. These gorgeous Earrings fitted with Diamond windows let you see the world with more beauty, more glamor and more sparkle. They are name Oracle,...
One Amalthea Diamond Ring*
Made of mountains and valleys, craters and ice, Amalthea is the moon of Jupiter. Set with Diamonds and intricately worked on the patterns and the unkempt order of this beautiful ring is a fitting tribute to its namesake.
Morwenna Diamond Ring*
The waves of the sea, streaming against the sunlit skies, are all captured together inside a little Diamond, scintillating on the wearer's finger. Calm or stormy, all waves combine to radiate a dazzling glow on this solid Diamond ring. Morwenna...
Regalia Linden Diamond Ring*
Mirages of mirrors, identical Diamond studded shapes form this masterpiece of a ring. The twin forms of the ring set the unifying sense of togetherness and likelihood. Sisters in shape, this ring was named after a beautiful tree.
Regalia Caius Diamond Earrings*
A set fit for the Queen, this artistic pattern is made of the most beautiful, rare and carefully crafted pieces of Diamonds, gilded in Gold. Caius means happiness, just as these earrings bring happiness to the wearer.
Regalia Zahra Diamond Pendant*
Diamond are put together in a design worthy of cosmic energy, bound by Gold and strung onto the wearer's neck, dazzling her shine along with its own. This is a masterpiece, worked on for hours by our artists, a product...
Skyward bound Kimama Diamond Ring*
A little butterfly, with wings woven with precious Diamonds and made of Gold, this ring is a unique ornament, meant for the one who has wings in her heart, who wants to soar into the skies, free of any bounds.
Starring You Fame Diamond Ring*
Strike the right chord with our fame ring, a stunner with the intertwined designs sure to turn eyes wherever you wear it.
Valiant Essential Diamond Earrings
Express your fearless nature with these valiant studs and grace every occasion with aplomb.
Atzi Diamond Pendant
Inspired by ancient striking Aztec traditions, this fascinating pendant will be the talk of the town.
Gemma Diamond Ring
Brimming with the most incredible sparkle, this ring dazzles with its clusters brilliant Diamonds.
Pleri Diamond Pendant
A celebration of purity and sparkle, an unsurpassed halo of Diamonds dance around a single pear-shaped stunner.
Razza Diamond Ring
For those who want to stand apart, this eclectic little ring is an extraordinary harmony of style and flair.
Jeune Diamond Earrings
Our Jeune earrings are will brighten up every occasion. These pretty earrings with their floral motif are filled with fun and femininity.
Fiona Diamond Earrings
Exuding elegance with these simply stunning Fiona earrings. A timeless design, showcasing a glittering centre that's surrounded by smaller embellishments for ultimate glamour