Shine Bright Diamond Earrings
Abstract Diamonds held together for a unique and striking pair of earrings that will always be noticed.
Elsa Ring with 1/10 cttw Diamonds and Sky Blue Topaz
14K White Gold Elsa Ring with 1/10 cttw Diamonds and Sky Blue TopazThis opulent Elsa-inspired ring features a stunning icy blue topaz solitaire gemstone as its center stone. It looks cool, sure. But it is glowing a beautiful glow enough...
Moana Diamond Bracelet*
Tidal and tumultuous, every open wave brings home a new set of gifts, of shells and sand, glittering on the beach. Moana bracelet is nature's reminder of all things bright and luminescent. Gliding and sliding on the wearer's wrist, the...
Orbit Essential Diamond Earrings
These timeless orbit studs, settle on your ears shining bright.
Strika Diamond Earrings
The eternal fascination with Diamonds finds fresh resonance in this set.
Snowflake Diamond Earrings
Our Snowflake earrings are the ultimate fashion accessory. They are an essential addition to every woman's precious jewellery collection.
Eclat Diamond Earrings
Bursting with sparkle and dynamic energy, our Eclat earrings are cute and captivating in equal measure.
Circled Fireworks Diamond Earrings
Fireworks on your wrist. Diamonds set in place with a seasoned jeweller's keen eye for detail.
Regalia Aristocrat Diamond Earrings
The days you don't wear your crown and royal robes, these magnificent earrings should do good.
Mehrin Mangalsutra
The best of two worlds merge as this gorgeous testament to your eternal love is bound by the symbol of protection. Keeping all negative energy at bay, the diamond studded evil eye will protect your love forever.
Mira Mangalsutra
This dainty, single-string Mangalsutra reaffirms the eternal bond of your love with an ethereal Gold spheroid. It is framed by two of our finest Diamond ends, creating a dazzling and bright design for your everyday wear.
Moina Mangalsutra
A string of fine, dainty circles of love sit at the neck as a testament to your love. Symbolising eternal love, diamonds shine bright in this masterpiece as a symbol of the wearer's dazzling bond of love.
Nisva Mangalsutra
The perfect symbol of eternal love, an infinity loop makes for the perfect centrepiece in this mangalsutra . A gorgeous tear drop completes the design and offers a beautiful rendition of an everlasting 'drop of love'. With sparkling Diamonds enveloped...
Garvi Mangalsutra
Fine Diamonds in a versatile design dazzle at the center of this traditional string of eternal love. A luxurious touch to your everyday Mangalsutra, this will add panache and class to your subtle yet exuberant style.
Amara Mangalsutra
A little Diamond heart sparkling amidst a Gold and Black Beaded Mangalsutra redefines the traditional string with love. A unique and modern way to connect our heritage with fashion, this is a classic masterpiece that will sit close to your...
One Oracle Diamond Earrings*
Windows may mean a lot of things, one of them being an opening to another perspective. These gorgeous Earrings fitted with Diamond windows let you see the world with more beauty, more glamor and more sparkle. They are name Oracle,...
Illuminaire Laavey Diamond Ring*
Two hearts meet with bright luminescent colors, vividly clashing yet in harmony. It’s a beautiful culmination of two different personalities, unifying to link as one. This is named Lave, a happy union.
Starshine Diamond Earrings*
Diamonds are placed in circles around each other, scattering light together as if a large chandeliar constricted into a conmpact globe. A beautiful rendition of a Diamond disk, these earrings are an essential in every collection.
Maleficent Ring with 1/5 cttw Diamonds*
14K White Gold with Black Rhodium Maleficent Ring with 1/5 cttw Diamonds*Gothic's your style? Then this dramatic ring is for you. Taking inspiration from the Mistress of Evil Maleficent, this horn-accented white gold and black rhodium ring comes embellished with...
Maleficent Ring with 1/6 cttw Whtie and Black Diamonds*
14K White Gold with Black Rhodium Maleficent Ring with 1/6 cttw White and Black Diamonds*Not a fan of girly, sparkly jewels? This one's for you. Inspired by Maleficent, this piece from the Enchanted Disney Villains Collection features a white gold...
Maleficent Ring with 1/10 cttw Diamonds*
14K White Gold with Black Rhodium Maleficent Ring with 1/10 cttw Diamonds*Maleficent's complex story has been simplified by the straightforward look of this ring. Crafted with a spellbinding allure, this piece of Disney Villain jewelry features a white gold and...
Ariel Mermaid Ring with 1/6 cttw Diamonds
14K White Gold Ariel Mermaid Ring with 1/6 cttw DiamondsMight be the piece that will make your collection complete. Bring this ring home and let it be a part of your world. Inspired by Ariel, this mermaid tail open-shank ring...
Maleficent Ring with 1/5 cttw Black Diamonds
14K Black Rhodium Maleficent Ring with 1/5 cttw Black DiamondsAlthough recognized as one of the most sinister Disney villains, Maleficent's not all bad. Like this Black Rhodium Ring with 1/5 cttw Black Diamonds, she glitters with hope to learn to...
Elsa Snowflake Ring with 1/4 cttw Diamonds
14K White Gold Elsa Snowflake Ring with 1/4 cttw DiamondsDo you see and feel something familiar? Like a dream you can reach but not quite hold? This snowflake ring appeals to you because you share Elsa's sense of perseverance and...